Building Envelope FischerFIREPROOF roof DL 140

FischerFIREPROOF roof DL 140

Convenient fire protection - The world's first fireproof sandwich panel with pentane blown insulation for roofs.

Fischer Profil had the idea of devising a lightweight sandwich panel that might be used as a fireproof element. 

As a result of the reduced weight as compared with elements having a mineral fibre core layer, installation is more convenient and therefore faster and less expensive.

We proudly present the result of our development work: FischerFIREPROOF, the world's first sandwich panel for roofs with pentane blown insulation meeting fire resistance class REI30 as per DIN EN 13501-2, which complies with the building inspection authorities' requirement "fire-retardant".


Sheet thickness
Outer skin ta[mm]
Sheet thickness
Inner skin ti[mm]
Panel gauge dPanel length max. L [m]Panel weight g[kg/m2]Heat transmission
coefficient U [W/(m2K)]
0,50 0,50 140 26.5 13,6 0,23

FischerFIREPROOF DL 140 is about 30% lighter than elements having a mineral fibre core– yet it offers all FischerTHERM features:

  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • High air tightness of joints thanks to DUO seal;
  • No water absorption.

FischerFIREPROOF - makes fire protection easier!

Take your inspiration from our idea and feel free to contact us.

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