Building Envelope MONTANATHERM® walls


Low weight, high rigidity and easy fitting

The outstanding qualities of MONTANATHERM® wall sandwich elements – low weight combined with high rigidity – enable substantial bearing widths and easy fitting. The corrosion-protected and weatherproof outer shells absorb the tensile and compressive forces that occur during load transfer.

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MONTANATHERM® is the predestined construction system for industrial and commercial buildings where rapid building progress, economic efficiency and high insulation value are required. Thanks to the utilization of CFC and HCFC-free foaming agents, Montana Building Systems Ltd. is able to offer environmentally friendly sandwich elements for roofs and walls.

The polyisocyanurate (PIR) high-resistance foam fixes the outer shells at the desired intervals and absorbs the shearing and transverse forces during stress on the element. MONTANATHERM® sandwich elements achieve excellent heat transition coefficients thank to their large surface areas.

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