Building Envelope MONTAFORM® DESIGN cladding profiles

MONTAFORM® DESIGN cladding profiles

Additional dimension with a great deal of light and lightness

Our new MONTAFORM® DESIGN profiles uses a modern machine pool that enables us to manufacture virtually any conceivable profiled sheet, making numerous angular or round shapes possible. We have defined some of them as standard; these can be ordered just as they come, or they can serve as the basis or inspiration for your own profile.

MONTAFORM® DESIGN profiles are suitable for rear-ventilated metal façades on new buildings as well as for renovation projects. Perforated MONTAFORM® DESIGN profiles as a visual application in façade construction give the structure an additional dimension with a great deal of light and lightness.

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MONTAFORM® DESIGN cladding profilesMF Design 25-13 816

MD 25-13-816.png

BIM: The way you want it

The DNA Profiler has been designed to allow you to access Tata Steel’s product information (3d parametric objects & data) how you want, when you want, to the level of detail you want, in the format you want.

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MF 25-13/816 0.70 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
MF 25-13/816 0.70 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
MF 25-13/810.80 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
MF 25-13/81 0.80 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler

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