Case Studies Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

Client: Government of Dubai Road & Transport Authority/RTA
Project management and supervision: Systra-Parsons
Designer: WS Atkins & Partners Overseas -ATKINS
Main contractor: Dubai Rapid Link Consortium/DURL (Obayashi Corporation - Kajima Corporation - Yabi Merkezi & Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial)
Decking system: ComFlor® 80

The challenge

The Dubai Metro urban train network is a major transport infrastructure development that is already being used by over 200,000 rail travellers a day. It is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula and will soon become the world’s longest fully automated metro network, surpassing the Vancouver Skytrain by one kilometre. 

Each station on the network has been designed to also serve as a mini shopping centre and each follows an interior design theme based on one of the ancient elements of Earth, Fire, Water or Air. The speed at which these stations needed to be constructed required a decking solution that could be laid without propping on site.

The solution

This futuristic train network in Dubai has sped into the record books thanks to the support of Tata Steel.

Dubai Metro features 60,000m2 of ComFlor® 80 composite floor decking. Used on footbridges and walkways, platforms and all elevated areas at 38 stations on both the Red and Green lines, ComFlor® 80 provides a very efficient profile which can ensure typical unpropped spans of 4.2m simply supported.

“The system offered the fastest possible construction speed” said Dubai Metro Project Maintenance Director Mr Mohammed Shihab. “It also eliminated the costs of propping, reduced labour requirements and there was no need for additional fireproof coatings.

“Tata Steel also provided a technical service with schematic designs and method statements – something no other competitor could provide to the same level.”

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