Case Studies Jonika BV (uienbedrijf)

Jonika BV (uienbedrijf)

Market sector: Agricultural

Place: Oostdijk

Country: NL

Client: Jonika B.V

Year of completion: 2012

Architect: Sjaak Goud

Building contractor: Fraanje BV

Cladding contractor: Cladding Partners BV  

Product group: Sandwich panels, Wall cladding

Product type: Wall panels, Wall panels EW30 / EI30-15, Sinusoidal profiles

Product: SAB 18/988, Sandwich SAB WB Series, SAB WB M16L, Sandwich SAB W SL

Surface area: 3.042 m2

Coating: Colorcoat Prisma

Colour: Prisma Orion, Prisma Kronos

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