SBEC technologiesPhase change materials

Phase change material (PCM) for thermal buffering

PCMs consist of micro-encapsulated paraffin wax that melts at 24°C and acts as an addition to the concrete mixture in the composite floor slab.

As the building trends towards overheating, the phase change material melts and absorbs the excess heat due to its phase change from solid to liquid. This heat is only released when the room temperature drops below the specified level and the liquid wax returns to a solid state thereby stabilising the room temperature. 

It can be used in floor, wall or ceiling systems to capture and store / buffer thermal energy enabling a constant and comfortable room temperature to be maintained during use thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Application on SBEC building

A pre-finished steel composite floor has been installed on the first floor level of the building with phase change material added to the concrete mixture just above the steel deck. In this application, phase change material is being used to store, buffer and release heat via the high emissivity pre-finished steel floor deck that acts as a ceiling to the meeting room below. Excess heat load from usage is absorbed by the phase change material and released when heat load is reduced, providing a constant temperature.

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