SBEC technologies

Delivering enhance technologies based around solar thermal and photovoltaics to deliver energy savings independently, in combination or as part of new integrated solutions.

Transpired solar collectors


These work by heating a boundary layer of air, typically less than 5mm thick, on the external surface of the collector which is fixed to a southerly wall elevation.

Radiant wall and ceiling systems


These are based on a steel carrier system with embedded water/heat transfer fluid pipes used to radiate or collect heat to and from the internal environment.



Generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. This refers to photons of light knocking electrons into...

Thermo active floor

Comflor 60 SBEC main.jpg

A radiant floordeck reduces the need to heat water to high temperatures by utilising the floor area as the radiator.

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