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Includes product literature, technical guides and declarations of performance.

Structural Hollow Sections downloads

Structural hollow sections - hot formed
Structural hollow sections - cold formed


Structural hollow sections - hot formed

Description File
Celsius intumescent coatings and concrete filled columns datasheet
Celsius 355 NH declaration of performance
Celsius 355 NH explained
Celsius 355 NH technical guide
Celsius 355 datasheet  
Celsius 355 NLH declaration of performance
Celsius 355 validation brochure
Celsius 420 datasheet
Celsius 420 technical guide
Celsius 420 validation brochure
Celsius 420NH declaration of performance
Celsius 460 datasheet
Celsius 460NH Declaration of performance
Celsius Weathering Grade datasheet
Design of structural hollow sections welded joints
Structural Hollow Sections Factsheet
Technical interview
EPD Structural Hollow Sections
Celsius for offshore applications datasheet
Celsius S355NH UK availability datasheet

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Structural hollow sections - cold formed

Description File
Hollow sections for structural and mechanical applications
Hybox 355 J2H Declaration of Performance
Hybox 355 technical guide
Strongbox brochure
Strongbox 235 JRH Declaration of Performance

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