SAB downloads SAB Brochures and Colorcards

SAB has a large collection of digital brochures and color cards.

SAB Brochures and Colorcards

Description File Size
SAB Product Selector 2018 4.4MB
SAB FM Approved A4 Flyer 1.7MB 
SAB Colorcoat Color Chart 1.5MB
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colourcard 1.6MB
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Tech Feb 2012 2.6MB
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra standard colours 2.4MB
Colorcoat Prisma Colourcard 1.1MB
Colorcoat Prisma standard colours 1.1MB
Magizinc Brochure pre-painted 2.7MB
MagiZinc Brochure Tata Steel 0.7MB
Number of SAB sandwich panels 0.2MB
Standard colours per product 0.5MB
White rust on galvanized
and galvanized pre-painted steel

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