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Here you can find and download our published product EPDs and programme documents

Environmental Product Declarations

Product specific EPDs

As the first steel manufacturer to become an approved Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) programme operator, we now have the ability to create third party verified product specific EPDs that comply with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards.

As such the EPDs below are just a selection of those available that cover our full range of Trisomet®, Formawall® and Trimapanel® PIR insulated panels; our Trisobuild® built-up systems (complete with wool insulation); our ComFlor® structural floor deck, RoofDek and our structural hollow sections. We have taken the unique position of creating a third party verified EPD tool which allows us to create bespoke EN 15804 Type III EPD’s across our decking and panel portfolio. If you would like an EPD that is not featured here please request your bespoke project EPD.

Find out more about our scheme here.


Product Environmental Declarations

1. Product specific Type III EPDs

The EPDs listed below are for Tata Steel products and have been created through our third party verified programme. The product-specific EPDs help provide more points in sustainability building certification schemes, such as BREEAM and LEED.

Description File File size
EPD structural hollow sections 813KB
EPD Trimapanel® 90/1000 for Europe   723KB
EPD Trimapanel® 90/1000 for ROW 719KB
EPD Trisomet® 80mm for Europe 728KB
EPD Trisomet® 80mm for ROW 746KB
EPD ComFlor® 51+ 0.9mm gauge 980KB
EPD ComFlor® 60 1.0mm gauge 729KB
EPD ComFlor® 80 1.0mm gauge with Colorcoat® FD 170 901KB
EPD ComFlor® 80 0.9mm gauge 804KB
EPD RoofDek D35 0.9mm gauge 882KB 
EPD ComFlor® 51 1.2mm gauge for ROW 946KB
EPD Colorcoat® pre-finished steel coil 690kb
EPD Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel coil 1116kb
EPD Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel coil 728kb

2. Product specific Type III EPDs for our supply chain partners

The EPDs listed below are for our supply chain partner’s products when using Colorcoat® pre-finished steel and have also been created through our third party verified scheme.

Description File File size
EPD CA Twin-Therm® roof incorporating CA 17 1000L liner (0.23W/m2 U-value) 1MB
EPD Euroclad Elite system 51.35 wall cladding 782KB
EPD Europanel F5 Extra 125mm 708KB
SAB WB 100.1000 insulated wall panel system 999KB
SAB 35/1035 wall profile 1.4MB
SAB 135R/930 structural deep deck with Colorcoat® PE15 1.1MB

3. EPD programme documents

Further details of how Tata Steel's EPD Programme is run and administered can be found in the Tata Steel General Programme Instructions, and information on the methodology for generating the EPDs can be found in the Product Category Rules (PCR) documents below. Both these documents are reviewed on a periodic basis, in consultation with external industry experts.

Description File File Size
Tata Steel EPD general programme instructions 355KB
Tata Steel EPD PCR part 1 276KB
Tata Steel EPD PCR part 2 – structural steels 623KB
Tata Steel EPD PCR part 2 – cladding systems 989KB
Tata Steel EPD PCR part 2 – steel structural deck 364KB
Tata Steel EPD PCR part 2 – Metallic coated and pre-finished steel 960kb


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