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Here you can find and download Declarations of Performance for our products.

Declarations of Performance

Building Systems Nordics Declarations of Performance
BSUK Declarations of Performance
Conveyance tubes Declarations of Performance
Vetex® Declarations of Performance
Protect 365 Declarations of Performance
Kalzip Declarations of Performance
Structural Hollow Sections Declarations of Performance

Building Systems Nordics Declarations of Performance

Decking DoP
Colorcoat Prisma® Harmoni Plus DoP
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® Harmoni Plus DoP
Nordics colour card
Colorcoat Prisma® Fantom DoP
Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® Fantom DoP
Purlins Declaration of performance
Sinus Prisma Declaration of performance
Trapezoidal Declaration of performance
Aluzinc Declaration of performance
Trapezoidal Prisma Declaration of performance

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BSUK Declarations of Performance

Description File
RoofDek - D32S DoP
RoofDek - D35 DoP
RoofDek - D46 DoP
RoofDek - D60 DoP
RoofDek - D100 DoP
RoofDek - D159 DoP
RoofDek - D210 DoP
ComFlor 46 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 46 DoP Label
ComFlor 51+ DoP Certificate
ComFlor 51+ DoP Label
ComFlor 60 DoP Certificate and Label
ComFlor 60 FD25 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 60 FD25 DoP Label
ComFlor 60 FD170 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 60 FD170 DoP Label
ComFlor 80 DoP Certificate and Label
ComFlor 80 FD25 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 80 FD25 DoP Label
ComFlor 80 FD170 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 80 FD170 DoP Label
ComFlor 100 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 100 DoP Label
ComFlor 210 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 210 DoP Label
ComFlor 225 DoP Certificate
ComFlor 225 DoP Label
Trimapanel DoPs
Trisobuild liner profile LP1000 DoP
Trisobuild liner profile RL32 DoP
Trisobuild pressed profiles DoPs for WP40
Trisobuild roof DoPs
Trisobuild walls DoPs
Trisomet 40mm DoP
Trisomet 60mm DoP
Trisomet 80mm DoP
Trisomet 100mm DoP
Trisomet 120mm DoP
Trisomet 135mm DoP

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