Colour in the built

The latest RIBA approved CPD from Tata Steel looks at the important areas when it comes
to colour in the built environment.


Colour, as a topic is far more than just a shade choice

Many factors need to be considered including; planning requirements/approvals, impact on colour from factors including geographic location, position and use of the end product, installation, and types of complementary colour schemes.

Our latest RIBA approved CPD covers the importance of the correlation between shade choice and impact on the building itself by examining the solar reflectance index and steady state surface temperature for a product.

What to expect

  • Roof deck solutions

    How the roof deck, as a structural component, is part of the complete roofing solution and the loadings it needs to support.

  • Installation

    Methods for securing the roof deck securely and fixing requirements as well as non-fragile compliance.

  • Acoustics

    The types of acoustic performance offered with built-up systems and the ratings that can be achieved.

  • Loadings

    Selecting suitable roof deck can be difficult at the outset of a project, especially if the exact loadings aren’t known at that time. With more than 50 years’ experience, we are able to help you with the initial design, until the exact loadings are available.

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Colorcoat® inspiration


RIBA approved CPD


Our RIBA approved CPD demonstrates some of the key criteria to look for when it comes to the long term performance of the building envelope colour.

Additionally there are many colour selection tools used in the market, and the CPD gives insight to the background and use of these colour schemes to aid design.

Finally a wide variety of case studies throughout the CPD demonstrate variants between sectors and also geographic regional preferences when it comes to colour selection.

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