Structural Strongbox® 235

Strongbox® 235

Strongbox® 235 fully complies with the dimensional tolerances of the European standard for cold formed hollow sections, EN10219.

General hollow sections - Strongbox® 235

Key features

  • Excellent quality, made with steel from a high quality production process
  • Minimum strength of 235 MPa
  • High levels of formability and, because the steel is fully-killed, excellent weldability
  • Product subject to non-specific inspection and testing; with test report supplied
  • Excellent consistent dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent supply availability through approved stockholders
  • Suitable for galvanising

Yield strength

ReH min N/mm2



Strongbox® 235 hollow sections EN10219 S235JRH are subject to non-specific inspection and testing and are supplied with a test report type 2.2 to EN10204.

Outside dimension (D B and H) ±1% with a min of ±0.50mm and a max of ±10mm Side length (mm)

H,B < 100

100 ≤ H,B

H,B > 200

±1% with a min of


Thickness (T) For D≤406.4mm
T ≤ 5mm ±10%
T > 5mm ±0.50mm

T ≤ 5mm
T > 5mm

± 10%
Out of roundness (O) 2% for D/T < 100, where D/T ≥ 100 out-of-roundness

tolerance to be agreed
Concavity/Convexity (independent
tolerance on outside dimensions)
- Max 0.8% with a min of 0.5mm  
Squareness of side - 90º ± 1  
External corner profile
(radius need not be tangential to the
sides) EN10219: Part 2 Table 3
- T ≤ 6.0
6.0 < T ≤10.0
1.6T to 2.4T
2.0T to 3.0T
Twist (V) - 2mm plus 0.5mm/m length  
Straightness  0.20% of total length & 3mm over any 1m length 0.15% of total length & 3mm over any 1m length  
Mass (M) ±6% on individual
±6% on individual lengths ±6% on individual
Length -0 +50mm -0 +50mm -0 +50mm  

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