Highway Engineering Vetex® end terminals

Vetex® end terminals

Cost effective solution for safety barrier applications

End terminals are used to terminate the barrier at the start and end of a barrier run. Vetex End Terminals combine safety performance with installation convenience. They are innovative, cost effective solution for safety barrier applications and are available in P1 and P4 classification.

Vetex® end terminalsP1 End Terminal

  • Improved safety performance
  • Installation in only one visit
  • Driven, straight ended detail: ideal for where space is limited
  • Seamless connectivity with existing barriers
  • Suitable for all ground types
  • Approved by the Highways Agency
  • Vetex® P1 end terminal effectively anchors and terminates barrier runs thus offering a cost effective alternative to existing P1 terminals
  • Straight ended detail enables installation where space is limited
  • Suitable for new build projects
  • Can be integrated with existing barrier runs; ideal for maintenance, repair and refurbishment
  • Vetex® terminals do not have concrete fairing details and do not require tensioning
  • Vetex® P1 can therefore be installed in as little as one hour, with only one site visit needed
  • They are driven terminals which can also be installed in concrete
  • Safety is at the heart of Tata Steel Highways safety barrier development. The patented Vetex®  terminals have been engineered to offer a safer alternative to traditional terminals
  • Vetex® terminals have been specifically designed to assist in the redirection of ramped impacts in a safe and controlled way. A discrete, sloping end detail to below ground yields a robust anchorage, while ensuring that key anchorage components do not create a hazard to errant vehicles. The Vetex® design allows a vehicle to mount the terminal smoothly, without snagging, and redirects it onto the ground, giving an improved level of safety for vehicle occupants
  • With Vetex® terminals, vehicle and barrier damge is generally lower than for collapsible mechanisms. Therefore, Vetex® terminals maintain anchorage of the adjacent barrier, which means that the barrier maintains safety performance and can still be effective after impact
Performance classP1P4
EN 1317 accredited Yes Yes
ASI rating A A
Deflection rating x1, y1 x1, y1
Velocity mph (km/h) 50* (80) 70 (80)
Installed length (m) 12 16

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