Highway Engineering Protect 365 very high containment parapet

Protect 365 very high containment parapet

40 years of knowledge and experience

Drawing on 40 years of knowledge and experience our road restraint system experts have developed a very high containment parapet for use in locations with a high risk of consequential accidents.

All our very high containment parapets comply with EN 1317 and are approved by the UK Highways Agency and the National Road Authority of Ireland. This system is also registered with Network Rail for use on all rail bridges.

  • Suitable for all H4a very high containment situation application.
  • A Transition to Protect 365™ N2 parapets is available to meet the total road requirements.
  • Continuous steel cladding makes it ideal for situations where debris must be contained such as over high-speed rail lines.

The low bridge deck loadings and range of approved post centres make this parapet ideal for retrofitting to older bridges. 

  • Although the Protect 365™ H4a parapet fully complies with EN 1317 we have looked beyond this to provide a system that will perform well into the future.
  • In line with the principles of passive safety we have designed the H4a parapet to absorb a high proportion of impact energy increasing passenger safety and reducing deck loadings.
  • The improved bracket design means that the H4a parapet will take the force of a 30 tonne truck or a small car without putting the driver, or passengers, at any significant risk.

The stepped front sheeting on the parapet minimises the risk of head injury to the occupants of small cars during impact.

  • Protect 365™ parapets are made from Tata Steel hot rolled rectangular hollow sections ensuring the highest quality of steel.
  • All parapets are hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 giving a nominal life span of 30+ years (dependant on conditions) with no need for painting, although painting for aesthetic reasons is an option.
  • Stainless steel bolts give the system long-term reliability and durability.

Installation of Protect 365™ systems is carried out by a limited number of accredited and approved companies with Highways Agency Sector Scheme approval and ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 assurance. 

An extensive list of file downloads for all of our highways products that includes Protect 365® and Vetex® can be found here.

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