Highway Engineering Protect 365® safety barriers

Protect 365® safety barriers

Streamlined shape and smooth edges

Protect 365™ N2 W1 safety fence has been developed and tested using rigorous methodology to ensure full compliance with the EN 1317 standard. Its low level of working width and its single RHS beam design make it a good option where other highway structures must be accomodated. Its streamlined shape and smooth edges also make it an ideal choice where aesthetics and pedestrian safety are considerations.

Safety fence suitable for impact speeds
The UK Highways Agency and the National Road Authority of Ireland approve the Protect 365™ N2 W1 safety fence.

  • N2 containment level means the Protect 365™ safety fence is suitable for impact speeds up to 110 kph
  • The W1 working width makes it ideal in situations where highway structures, street furniture or trees need to be accommodated and the ability to move the working width to W3 by changing the post centres removes the need for transitions.
  • The single RHS beam design means Protect 365™ safety fence is both single and double sided in application meaning it can be installed at the edge of the road or in the central reservation.
  • Its tubular design, with under-fixed posts, makes Protect 365™ N2 safety fence an unobtrusive feature in areas of natural beauty.
  • The shallow profile of the rail also lessens the chance of a build-up of debris next to the fence.
  • Its smooth edges make Protect 365™ safety fence a safe choice where pedestrians may be walking close by.

A range of transitions to Protect 365™ parapets and Vetex™ safety fence are available to meet overall road requirements. 

  • Not only is the Protect 365™ safety fence produced in accordance with EN 1317 but we have also challenged the assumptions and tested the parapets beyond the scope on EN 1317 to ensure the highest performance.
  • We have embraced passive safe principles using advanced computer and strain gauge analysis to test multiple scenarios.
  • Simulating, testing and checking the safety fence with multiple impact positions and modern vehicles ensure that these safety fence will suit future road conditions.

The rectangular hollow section design of our safety fence allows it to absorb impact energy in a controlled way and ensures consistent containment of errant cars.

  • Our safety fence has undergone extensive testing by MIRA ltd. that has proven it to offer excellent safety characteristics irrespective of the impact position.
  • We tested beyond the traditional 80m to ensure that the system performs with lengths up to 300m.

Strain gauge analysis proved that impact load is safely spread along the fence and taken to ground quickly and consistently.

  • The unique 'propping' characteristics built into design of our safety fence means it is easy to assemble on site by letting the posts take the weight freeing up both the installers hands to fix it into place.
  • Assembly tolerances allow for site variences without the need to change the system.

Smooth edges make Protect 365™ safety fence safer to handle.

  • Protect 365™ N2 W1 safety fence is made from our hot rolled rectangular hollow sections ensuring the highest quality of steel.
  • Protect 365™ N2 W1 safety fence is hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 giving a nominal life span of 30+ years (dependant on conditions) with no need for painting.
  • Stainless steel bolts give the system a long-term reliability and durability.

All fabrication and installation of Protect 365™ safety fence systems is carried out by a limited number of accredited and approved companies with Highways Agency Sector Scheme approval and ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 assurance.

An extensive list of file downloads for all of our highways products that includes Protect 365® and Vetex® can be found here.

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