Energy Infrastructure High frequency induction line pipe (HFI)

High frequency induction line pipe (HFI)

Our HFI line pipe is available in diameters from 2 to 20 inches.

Because it's manufactured using steel coil from our South Wales mills, we have total control of the supply chain, ensuring we can comply with even the tightest project schedules, and enabling you to gain a quicker return on investment.

Excellent welding rates

steel tube pipeline oil rig at night

Our high frequency induction (HFI) pipe benefits from stringent dimensional control of both shape and thickness - ensuring excellent welding rates for onshore and, critically, offshore installation. We supply HFI pipe in:

  • Sizes from 2 inches to 20 inches in diameter
  • Strength grades up to API 5L X70

Fully tested for product confidence

Total product confidence is ensured through an extensive programme of testing including:

  • Toughness to 40 Joules minimum at -20°C
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Hydro-testing

Complete package for customer benefits

  • Our portfolio offering extends to:
  • Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Insulation coatings
  • Concrete weight coatings
  • Ancillary products such as induction bends and anodes

We offer a complete pipeline package, sourcing from approved third party suppliers including other welded processes and seamless linepipe. This can help you to:

  • Reduce your contractual complexity
  • Manage your long-lead item risks

Project management for customer benefits

We use best practice project management techniques to co-ordinate contracts and deliver customer benefits. Our total package approach simplifies your administration and means:

  • Reduced costs from one negotiation with a single supplier
  • One management team
  • One invoicing point

By sub-contracting inspection activities, we can also reduce the need for client inspection – helping you make more savings.

Our experience extends to global, multi-site, international projects covering the supply of: pipe; bends; buckle arrestors; internal and external anti-corrosion coatings; insulation; concrete; anode procurement and fitment; transportation; pipe dump management; weldability trials and other related services such as field joint coating.

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