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In this part an overview of the sandwich panels SAB-Carrier. The SAB-Carrier sandwich panels are designed to serve as a support structure for the SAB façade profiles, but other products and systems such as composite materials are also possible.

With the SAB-Carrier sandwich panels, a building can be quickly and easily made well insulated and wind and watertight. The SAB-Carrier façade system consists of specially fabricated sandwich panels with increased foam adhesion and thicker steel outer sheets, a fastening system and SAB-Pyramid profiles for example. The steel outer plate of the SAB-Carrier panel is provided with a durable coating such as Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® for the best protection. For the aesthetic finish there are many possibilities, such as the various SAB aesthetic profile sheets or sidings. Other products and systems are possible in consultation with SAB.

The SAB-Carrier panels are available in:

SAB WB 80-100-120 M8L SAB W 80-100-120-150 M8L SAB W 95-135 TL

SAB-Carrier SAB-Carrier WB 80-100-120

SAB-Carrier WB 80-100-120.png

The SAB-Carrier sandwich panels are clearly recognizable by the yellow sealing tape.

To apply the SAB-Carrier sandwich panel, the following data must be submitted to SAB for approval:

- Facade drawings, including details

- Mounting plan of the panels, the linear intermediate construction (eg SAB rail system) and of the outer plating

- Conditioning of the supporting structure (chosen coating systems, ventilated cavity)

- Wind loads and specified effect class with regard to the façade.

Partly for this reason, there are no standard tables for the application of SAB-Carrier panels. SAB is happy to help you with the right advice so that a performance guarantee of 10 years can be obtained on the system.

Some projects where the system has already been applied: Filmmuseum EYE in Amsterdam, Swimmingpool in Hardenberg and Zutphen, Elfstedenhal Leeuwarden, Thialf Icestadium Heerenveen and its own new SAB sandwich panels production site Geldermalsen. For more reference projects ask the sales department of SAB-profiel.



SAB-Carrier W 80.1150 o 80 12,19 3,70 0,26 12,0
SAB-Carrier W 100.1150 o 100 12,99 4,65 0,21 13,8
SAB-Carrier W 120.1150 o 120  13,79 5,59 0,17 13,8 
SAB-Carrier W 150.1150  o 150  14,99  6,98 0,14 13,8 

*   Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.63 and 0.45 mm, other gauges are also possible.
** This is the recommended maximum length, longer lengths may be available on request.

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