Building Envelope Kalzip® FC rainscreen system

Kalzip® FC rainscreen system

Ingenious, attractive, innovative and economical.

Kalzip FC rainscreen is a non-penetrative façade system that incorporates a fast-to-install lightweight flat rainscreen panel, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The main feature of the system is its flexibility, which allows the installation of the profiles to be carried out in two directions, either from the top down or from the bottom up.

The choice of panel mounting direction is one of the unique benefits, which enables not only easier and faster installation compared to conventional panel systems, but also allows scaffolding or subsequent construction work to be coordinated independently from the installation process. The system’s innovative design and technical capabilities also allow individual sheets to be removed and installed without compromising the adjoining panels or the overall integrity of the façade system.

Delivery options

 1 FC Panel

 2 FC corner panel

 3 Surface micro-ribbed (only FC 30/400)

 4 Pattern Rv 3-5

 5 Pattern Rv 6-8



 6 Monoklick-bracket

 7 Modular clickrail SEL

 8 Modular clickrail SE


Parts and components

 9 Fixed-point clamp

10 Guidance snapper

11 Flashing support

12 Plastic inlays (pre-assembled)                                                            

13 Setting out tool

14 Panel removal tool

15 Wedges

16 Click rail adapter SE

17 Click rail adapter SEL

18 Tool for fixed-point clamp

The Kalzip FC rainscreen profile is available from 250mm to 500mm in 50mm width increments.

The nominal profile depth is 30mm and panels are roll-formed with edge returns as standard, which are then supported on the proprietary modular click rail or mono-click bracket without the need for screws or rivets.

Panel Widths

Profile type:Kalzip FC 30/250Kalzip FC 30/300Kalzip FC 30/350Kalzip FC 30/400Kalzip FC 30/450Kalzip FC 30/500
Profile thickness 1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.2 mm
1.2 mm
Micro-ribbed no no no yes no no








Transition Panels

Profile type:Kalzip FC 30/250Kalzip FC 30/300Kalzip FC 30/350Kalzip FC 30/400Kalzip FC 30/450Kalzip FC 30/500
Front face dimension 280 mm 330 mm 380 mm 430 mm 480 mm 530 mm


Profile example

Kalzip FC
with edge return
(supplied as standard)
Kalzip FC
without edge return
(on application)
Transition panels,
upper fold (left)
lower fold (right)


Panel Lengths
Panels can be roll formed from a minimum of 350mm up to a standard maximum of 10m lengths.
Longer lengths may be possible, details available on request.

Perforated Panels

RV 6-8
Hole pattern:
min. 45 % / max. 48 %
depending on panel width
Hole diameter: 6 mm
RV 3-5
Hole pattern:
min. 29 % / max. 31 %
depending on panel width
Hole diameter: 3 mm


Micro-ribbed panel

Kalzip FC 30/400 with edge
return and micro-rib
Start of micro-rib:
20mm from the end of the


Corner Panels
Corner panels can be manufactured as internal and external corners with different angles. 

Leg 1: min. 150mm / max. 1.000mm
Leg 2: min. 300mm / max. 2.000mm

                            Panel for external corner (α min. 45°)

Panel for internal corner (α min. 45°)

Kalzip roof and cladding systems are available in a host of finishes and materials. In addition to aluminium, the system is offered in special finishes. With the very latest surface finishing and processing technology Kalzip offers an almost unlimited choice of colours in a range of effects and finishes.

Colour coated Kalzip aluminium products meet the stringent demands of modern building technology and design with regards to colour fastness, adhesion and resistance against aggressive substances and environments, and are available in a wide variety of standard RAL colours with a choice between HighPerformanceCoating or PVdF coatings.

Kalzip FC panels are available in three standard pre-coated systems:

  • Polyester coil coated
  • Abrasion resistant coated (ARS)
  • Polyvinylidene flouride (PVdF)
  • HighPerformanceCoating (HPC) 

Kalzip FC panels are available in a natural and pre-weathered natural and coloured finish 

SE modular click rail
(load bearing)

The SE modular click rail is a self-supporting
rail that can be used as
load-bearing profile and can be
fastened to a sub-construction
independent of the joint position.

SEL modular click rail
(load bearing)

The SEL modular click rail is also a
load-bearing rail and can be fastened
directly to L wall holders thanks to the
50 mm long web. A further support
profile is not necessary.


  • Four standard colours, others are available on application for material thickness 1.0mm and 1.2mm
  • Available in polyester and pvdf finishes
  • Further RAL, NCS and special colours are available on application

Note: all surfaces are delivered as standard with a protective film.

EN AW-3004, EN AW-3005 or EN AW-6025

Length: min. 400mm / max. 6,000mm, other profile lengths available on request

Load bearing capacity values
Load-bearing capacity values are based on Eurocode 9 and DIN 18807 in accordance with building authority approval no. Z-14.1-581 issued by the German Institute of Building Technology.

Sheet length according to Kalzip works standard:

L  ≤ 0,4 – 4,00 m +2/-2 mm*

L > 4,00 – 8,00 m +3/-3 mm*

*Note on temperature: measured at 20°C

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