Building Envelope SAB Trapezoidal profiles

SAB Trapezoidal profiles

The design of the SAB trapezoidal profiles is developed throughout the years and provides a good strength and load span.

The trapezoidal profile is available is 6 different designs with a number of possibilities when u choose the B-side to be the colorside.


SAB Trapezoidal profilesSAB 19-1050

SAB 19-1050.png
Steel mm kg/m2
0,63 5,89
0,75 7,01
0,88 8,22
1,00 9,35
  • Recommended maximum length: 12m

The unique lowest trapezoidal profile of SAB, available in steel as well as aluminium and RVS.

SAB Trapezoidal Profiles - roof cladding
SAB Trapezoidal Profiles - wall cladding

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