Building Envelope FischerKASSETTE


FischerKASSETTEN serve as the inner, load-bearing sheet of double-sheet wall systems.

They are horizontally fastened in front of the building supports and accommodate thermal insulation (e.g., mineral fibre slabs or mats). FischerTRAPEZ profiles are fastened to the liner trays, e.g., in a vertical direction. For enhanced acoustic and sound insulation, perforated acoustic liner trays are used.

Fischer Profil's cassettes are used in cavity wall systems as inner bearing shell. They are mounted horizontally in front of the building columns and take the heat insulation (eg mineral fiber boards or mats) on. On the cassette z. B. be mounted vertically stretched FischerTRAPEZ profiles. To achieve sound absorption in conjunction with deposited mineral fiber mats cassette profiles can be provided over a large area in the field of wide bottom flange with Akustiklochungen, the load will be minimized by the fact hardly).

FischerKASSETTE 100 600

image 2.jpg
Sheet thickness t[mm]Weight g[kg/m2]Overall length max. L [m]
0,75 8,85 21
0,88 10,38 21
1,00 11,80 21
1,25 14,75 21


  • 15 µm polyester/RSL
  • 25 µm polyester/RSL 1.)
  • 55 % AlZn AZ 185 (aluzinc) 1.)
  • galvanizing, G 275 1.)

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