Building Envelope MONTAFORM® cladding profiles

MONTAFORM® cladding profiles

Gives a building that special appearance

With a recommended maximum bearing width of 160cm, they are used in all those places where an unusual façade design is intended to help give a building that special appearance. The construction of residential properties is of particular interest in this regard.

MONTAFORM® façade profiles were the first design profiles from Montana and have proven themselves over a period of decades, made of steel or aluminium.

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MONTAFORM® cladding profilesMF 7-8 1148

MF 7-8-1148.png

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MF 7-11/1148 0.70 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
MF 7-11/1148 0.70 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
MF 7-11/1148 0.80 mm Alu BIM DNA Profiler
MF 7-11/1148 0.80 mm steel BIM DNA Profiler

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