Building Envelope Kalzip MT33-1000R

Kalzip MT33-1000R

The Kalzip MT33-1000R offers a unique profile that can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and on various substructures to give any building an attractive and modern appearance.

A unique roll formed shape that maintains the micro ribbing of Kalzip’s popular TF37-800R system, the MT33-1000R features twin half rounded raised seams on a 333 pitch to provide a 1000 mm cover width with a 33 mm depth.

As a built-up wall system supported on a bracket and bar grid, a range of cavity depths can be created and filled with mineral or glass wool insulation to give the required thermal performance on masonry/block-work walls or on sheet metal lining over purlins. Ventilating the space between the outer sheeting and insulation can be used to minimise the risk of condensation.

Available in a range of colour coatings and finishes the MT33-1000R successfully combines high quality with low maintenance to create an aesthetically pleasing yet exceptionally striking appearance.

MT33/1000R is available in colour-coated aluminium or galvanised steel in gauges of 0.7mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm. This profile can be assembled on masonry/blockwork or steel liner built-up systems. A variety of components and options are available to meet all requirements and applications.

Aluminium alloy to EN AW 3105 is available in sheet lengths of up 6000mm pre-painted using polyester or PVdF finish, in a wide range of colours.

Galvanised steel to EN 10142 is available in sheet lengths of up to 12000mm and can be provided in stucco embossed finish or pre-painted with polyester or PVdF coatings in a wide range.

Kalzip MT33-1000R aluminium – wind pressure (kN/m2)

Gauge (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Span (m) 1.0Span (m) 1.2Span (m) 1.4Span (m) 1.6Span (m) 1.8Span (m) 2.0
0.7 2.41 1.78 1.26 0.94 0.73 0.58 0.47
0.8 2.75 2.20 1.56 1.16 0.89 0.71 0.58
1.0 3.44 3.15 2.22 1.64 1.26 1.00 0.81


Kalzip MT33-1000R steel – wind pressure (kN/m2)

Gauge (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Span (m) 1.0Span (m) 1.2Span (m) 1.4Span (m) 1.6Span (m) 1.8Span (m) 2.0
0.7 7.00 4.81 3.51 2.67 2.09 1.68 1.38
0.8 8.00 6.07 4.42 3.36 2.63 2.11 1.73
1.0 10.00 8.96 6.52 4.94 3.87 3.10 2.54


Notes to load span tables:

  • Safe working uniformly distributed loads in kN/m2*
  • Multiple span support condition
  • Serviceability limit state – Span/150
  • Safety factor (wind) – 1.5
  • Yield strength (aluminium) – 165 N/mm2
  • Yield strength (steel) – 320 N/mm2

*Self-weight of panel neglected in vertical wall application.

Kalzip roof and cladding systems are available in a host of finishes and materials. In addition to aluminium, the system is offered in special finishes like AluPlusZinc or AluPlusPatina as well as standard stucco-embossed finish.

With the very latest surface finishing and processing technology Kalzip offers an almost unlimited choice of colours in a range of effects and finishes.

Colour coated Kalzip aluminium products meet the stringent demands of modern building technology and design with regards to colour fastness, adhesion and resistance against aggressive substances and environments, and are available in a wide variety of standard RAL colours with a choice between high quality polyester or PVdF coatings.

Together with aluminium, Kalzip in stainless steel and copper give even more choice to the discerning architect or planner.


Kalzip profiled sheets are available in three standard pre-coated systems:

  • Polyester coil coated
  • Abrasion resistant coated (ARS)
  • Polyvinylidene flouride (PVdF)
  • HighPerformanceCoating (HPC)

Kalzip profiled sheets are available in a natural and pre-weathered natural and coloured finish:

  • Natural Aluminium in Stucco embossed
  • AluPlusPatina natural Aluminium
  • AluPlusPatina 


AluPlusZinc with the aesthetic appeal of zinc.


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