Building Envelope FischerPANEEL


FischerPANEELE are functional building elements for industrial, office and administrative construction.

Ventilated at the rear, the FischerPANEELE are used for the aesthetic cladding of solid walls,frequently in association with thermal insulation, or as the outer skin of multiskin metal walls. Mineral fibre boards - non-flammable as per DIN 4102 – are mainly employed as thermal insulation.

This means outstanding thermal protection which reduces heating costs and damage to the environment considerably. These Fischer Profil elements can be mounted quickly and economically onto any kind of substructure. They can be arranged both vertically and horizontally.

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Sheet thickness t[mm]Weight g[kg/m2]Overall length max. L [m]
0,75 7,4 8 2.)
0,88 1.) 8,6 8 2.)


  • 200µm HPS 200/RSL
  • 25 µm polyester/RSL
  • 55 % AlZn AZ 185 (aluzinc)

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