Building Envelope SAB Pyramid profiles

SAB Pyramid profiles

The pyramid profiles from the SAB-pyramid line are available in height of 19, 37 and 50mm in many colors.

All the profiles are available with continuous pyramids or with a flat part in between. There is also a special pyramid profile, the SAB-Diamond®, with a double pyramid of 40 and 19mm high.

There are many profile possibilities for use in a façade with uncluttered V grooves and a beautiful play of lines.

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SAB Pyramid profilesSAB-Pyramid 37-460

SAB-Pyramid 37-460.png
Steel mm kg/m2
0,75 7,83
0,88 9,19
  • Recommended maximum length: 7m;
  • SAB advices a maximum load span of 1,50m for steel and 1,00m for aluminium;
  • The corners of the building need your special attention. The load spans at the corners need to be changed (decrease the distance) and provided with more screws, because of the higher wind load.

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