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We offer a comprehensive range of structural roof decking products, manufactured in the UK, ranging from 32mm to 210mm deep and a range of structural liner trays.

Our range of RoofDek products is the only UK manufactured steel roof decking profiles with FM Approvals testing and certification. The range is fully supported by our RoofDek Analysis software enabling structural engineers and specifiers to conduct full deck analysis to Eurocode 3 and 9. For a fast design check and deck selection, we also offer the RoofDek quick selector

Structural steel roof decking

Our technical department offers free diaphragm design for all RoofDek types.



RoofDek D32S is part of the shallow deck profile range which enables designers to find the balance between efficiency, aesthetics and structural performance. 

Profile Material Gauge and finish (mm) Weight (kg/m2) Load/Span maximum single span (mm) Load/Span maximum double span (mm) Minimum self curve (m) Minimum Factory curve (mm) Cantillever (mm)
D32S Steel 0.70 Interior Liner & Galvatite 6.67 1650* 1800 40 - 325
Steel 0.90 Interior Liner & Galvatite 8.58 1875* 2300 45 - 375
Steel 1.20 Interior Liner & Galvatite 11.46 2100* 2800 50 - 450

1. RoofDek profiles are available with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel, however these load tables do not apply – please contact us for load span data. 
2. Calculations accord to Eurocode, however a fixings check is also required.
3. Load table is based on the deck bearing onto 100mm min. flange steel beam.
4. Load spans calculated to Eurocode 3 and 9.

The increasing complexity of roof decking projects makes any software aimed at easing the process very welcome indeed. To aid this, Tata Steel introduced the RoofDek quick selector, a web based structural analysis tool. It allows a user to rapidly select the most appropriate deck for the application and structural requirements using a PC or tablet, including iPad.

The software provides an optimised RoofDek specification, and it also allows the user to choose an alternative RoofDek profile. The RoofDek quick selector page contains pre-populated span and load figures as an example, but users can then modify these to their own requirements to find the right decking profile for a given project. All calculations are carried in accordance with Eurocode 3 on one screen and may be printed out as a record of the design.

The RoofDek quick Selector augments Tata Steel’s suite of roof decking software, which includes RoofDek Analysis Software.

Eurocode load span tables and section properties.

For more information on our RoofDek Load Span parameters see our product downloads below.

Our RoofDek Analysis Software has been created in partnership with leading software developer, Trimble, using their widely-adopted structural calculation software, Tekla Tedds, as the platform for the deck analysis software.

This software compliments and enhances our RoofDek quick selector, allowing users to conduct full deck analysis.

It also completely satisfies the need to comply with Eurocode 3 Design of Steel Structures and Eurocode 9 – Design of Aluminium Structures.

Users are able to input up to four spans, two of which can be cantilevers. Extended end laps can be included as internal supports. Thickness of deck can be varied each side of extended end laps.

We maintain a friendly technical help desk which is freely available to all architects, engineers and contractors to assist with all aspects of RoofDek and liner tray design. The services we offer include:

Specification service - Our RoofDek team are able to provide a comprehensive specification service. Assistance in creating NBS specifications for RoofDek and trays can be provided to ensure the correct deck or tray is specified for the right application.

Design calculations & diaphragm design - To assist the specifier, the team are able to provide design calculations for live, dead, wind and snow drift loads and where required diaphragm design calculations.

Sound absorption and reduction - RoofDek perforated decking provides excellent sound absorption characteristics, our technical team can provide details of systems tested for both absorption and reduction. We also offer indicative acoustic calculations on differing build ups.

Roof Safety - Our technical department can provide details of non fragility performance of the RoofDek itself and the use of fall prevention and fall arrest systems on RoofDek roofs.

Inhouse CPD seminars - Primarily aimed at engineers and architects, these free seminars last around 50 minutes, ending with a question & answer session and are delivered by our experienced regional teams.

Topics include:

  • Structural roof deck in construction
  • Composite floor deck in construction
  • Sustainable steel cladding refurbishment solutions
  • Factory tour of Insulated panel lines

To request a CPD seminar please click here.

RoofDek D32S (Shallow Deck)
RoofDek D35 (Shallow Deck)
RoofDek D46 (Shallow Deck)
RoofDek D60 (Shallow Deck)
RoofDek D100 (Deep Deck)
RoofDek D137 (Deep Deck)
RoofDek D153 (Deep Deck)
RoofDek D159 (Deep Deck)
RoofDek D200 (Deep Deck)
RoofDek D210 (Deep Deck)

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