Building Envelope and Structural FischerTRAPEZ Akustik

FischerTRAPEZ Akustik

Depending on the profile design, FischerTRAPEZ elements are suitable for various applications on roofs or façades.

Galvanised and plastic coated steel sheet wound on coils up to 15 tons in weight is continuously processed in roll forming equipment with up to 32 pairs of rolls to become trapezoidal profiles. Sheet thicknesses vary from 0.63 to 1.5 mm, and grades range from S 280 GD to S 350 GD according to DIN EN 10147 (continuously hot-dip galvanised sheet and strip of construction steel).


With various profile geometries and material thicknesses, they open up a large range of design options. Perforated FischerTRAPEZ acoustic profiles are used as the inner sheet whenever the sound level is to be reduced. Fischer Profil elements offer attractive design opportunities. 

FischerTRAPEZ Akustik100-275

Sheet thickness t[mm]Weight g[kg/m2]Overall length max. L [m]
0,75 8,2 21
0,88 9,6 21
1,00 10,9 21
1,25 13,6 21
1,50 16,3 21


  • 25 μm Polyester/RSL
  • 15 μm Polyester/RSL
  • 55 % AlZn AZ 185 (Aluzinc) against extra charge

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