Building Envelope Sandwich panel systems

Sandwich panel systems

Prefabricated finished panels with a tongue and groove solution for rapid and simple installation.

Tata Steel sandwich panels are delivered as prefabricated finished panels which give you the option to choose between different insulation materials, profiles, insulation dimensions, surfaces and a range of colours. The panels are compact, all-in-one elements, consisting of an outer, solid envelope, a layer of insulation and an inner liner.

The facade panels can be used horizontally or vertical and are also available with either visible or secret fixing.

All panels have a Tata Steel tongue and groove solution ensuring rapid and simple installation. Using Tata Steel sandwich panels it is possible to construct a building quickly and effectively, and also have optimal insulation and fire safety, with an aesthetically pleasing facade and roof.

Tata Steel high performance sandwich panels can be used in many different applications including agriculture, industry, office, showroom, warehouse, cold storage, etc..

Sandwich panel systemsMW R

Roof Panel Mineral wool

Max length
Reaction to fire
100.1000 100 18.0 20.30 0.38 0.040 " Broof (t1)
120.1000 120 18.0 22.40 0.32 0.040 REI 90 Broof (t1)
150.1000 150 18.0 25.60 0.26 0.040 REI 90 Broof (t1)
160.1000 160 18.0 26.60 0.24 0.040 REI 90 Broof (t1)


Special advantages
Easy to mount, high fire rating. Possible to assemble panels with varying core dimension. High capacity. high strength.

Tata Steel mineral wool panels have a hard mineral wool core and are suitable for use in new construction and renovation that demands special fire resistance.

Tata Steel mineral wool panels are made of non combustible materials, allowing for lower insurance and a comfortable indoor climate.

Mineral wool is particularly advantageous in situations where reaction of fire is essential, including by partition elements and firewalls in shared buildings.

Mineral wool panels are 100% recyclable has good sound insulation and does not take up moisture. Mineral wool panels are quick and easy to install.  Sandwich construction with steel / isolation / steel and a special composition of insulation core ensures insulation keeps intact, and preserves its location and its properties throughout Building lifetime.

PIR (polyisocyanurate) and PUR (polyurethane) sandwich panels from Tata Steel are characterized by good insulation values, low weight and simple and fast installation. The panels have significantly better insulation than conventional mineral wool panels. Insulation properties are long lasting and are not damaged by pests such as mice and the like.

Tata Steel PWS and PWD sandwich panels consists of closed-cell foam which makes the material suitable for keeping cold / heat at a distance, or to ensure the internal the temperature in a building.

The core material of Tata Steel PWS/ PWD, products are expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is a very resistant material with improved strength properties. Although PWS and PWD sandwich panels consist of many air cells, it is nevertheless a very dense material that repels moisture which tries to penetrate a building. The moisture-resistant properties make EPS panels particularly suited for outer walls and roofs.

PWS and PWD sandwich panels are characterised by an extremely low weight, which makes it easy to handle and assemble the panels.

PWS and PWD sandwich panels are suitable for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings, as well as to cooling and freezing facilities.


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