Building Envelope SAB Roofing panels

SAB Roofing panels

The excellent properties of the PIR panels of SAB are also ideal for use on roofs. They can be delivered with a thickness of 75mm to 135mm, depending on the insulation that you desire and so they contribute to creating an even more energy-efficient building.

When using coated steel panels in roofing applications SAB recommends a minimum roof pitch of at least 10 degrees and a coating system with a minimum thickness of 35 µm.

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SAB Roofing panelsSAB D 75-95-115-135

TypeRibbingThickness mmWeight* kg/m2RC m2K/WU W/m2KMax. length** m
SAB D 75.1000 o 75 11,22 2,23 0,42 12,5
SAB D 95.1000 o 95 12,02 3,14 0,30 15,0
SAB D 115.1000 o 115 12,82 4,05 0,24 15,0
SAB D 135.1000 o 135 13,62 4,96 0,20 15,0

* Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.55 and 0.45 mm, other gauges are also possible.
**This is the recommended maximum length, longer lengths may be available on request

The roofing panels from SAB are available in different thicknesses, from 75mm to 135mm.

The standard stacking of roofing panels in a pack is A/B/A/B, which results in no deformation and more panels to fit in one pack. On request it is possible to stack panels A/A for montaging with a vacuum lifting device. However this is not possible in combination with cutback. In that case stacking B/B is mandatory. 

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