Accessories Kalzip fall arrest system

Kalzip fall arrest system

Safety when working on a roof is of uttermost importance.

Even though Kalzip's aluminium standing seam system is maintenance-free, cleaning gutters or general inspection are reasons for gaining access to the roof, in addition to the installation of it.

To avoid or reduce any foreseeable risk to any person working on a roof, Kalzip offers a number of safety accessories including a fall arrest system, walkway and handrail systems.

Kalzip fall arrest systems (for straight and tapered Kalzip sheets) have been specifically designed to provide safe access onto Kalzip roof surfaces and enable workers to operate handsfree.

Fall arrest systems consist of personal protective equipment (PPE) and additional mechanical components which together are used for the purpose of fall protection.

Technical Information Sheet

  • Neat, unobtrusive appearance
  • Available colour coated
  • Integral load absorbing capacity
  • 3 users at any one time
  • Non-­penetrative fixings
  • Tested and approved for use on Kalzip aluminium standing seam
  • CE marked
  • Conforms to BS EN795

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