Building Envelope Kalzip® Nature Roof

Kalzip® Nature Roof

Kalzip green roof system - a breath of fresh air.

Kalzip’s advanced green roof system, Nature Roof, provides measurable environmental benefits and further enhances the already considerable green credentials of the standard Kalzip system.

Kalzip Nature Roof is covered with low growing, self-regenerating and drought resistant plant cover. As well as creating a blaze of natural color on the rooftop it recycles CO2 into O2 and generates a healthy micro-climate around the building, locking up airborne pollutants and dramatically improving air quality.


Kalzip profiled aluminium sheets 65/333

Thickness: 1.0 mm

Surface weight: approx. 4.0 kg/m2

Kalzip NatureRoof design

Surface load: approx. 90 kg/m2 when saturated with water

Drainage coefficient for roof slopes up to 5 %: = 0.5

Drainage rate at a precipitation of 0.03 l/sec/m2 and a pitch of 3 %: 2.41 l/sec/m2

Kalzip KD 33

Linear drainage system

Width: 30 cm

Thickness: approx. 2.5 cm

Surface load: 4.5 kg/m2

Drainage mat

Expanded polystyrene with a compressive strength of 383 kN/m2

Drainage capacity: 4 l/sec/m2

Water retention: 3.2 l/m2

Woven filter

Polypropylene woven staple fibres

Puncturing force (CBR test): 1400 N

Pore opening width (Dw): 0.14 mm

Kalzip NDS 60

NatureRoof substrate, pH = 5-7

Lava and pumice stones

Thickness: 6 cm

Surface load: approx. 75 kg/m2

Loose material delivered by truck or bulk goods vehicle. One load is sufficient to cover 380m, a large bag containing 1,000 litres covers 14 m2

Kalzip Nerotec 60

Erosion protection adhesive

(to be used in combination with seedlings) in sacks containing 60 litres

1 bag covers 25 m2 which is equivalent to 0.4 kg/m2

  • The NatureRoof is constructed directly onto the Kalzip profile panels without the need for additional sealing work.
  • The aluminium surface offers lasting protection against rooting and moisture penetration.
  • The complete modular package features a highly economical, modular design, guaranteeing quick and easy installation.
  • NatureRoof offers the same level of planning security, ease of handling and recognized performance characteristics as you would expect from the Kalzip building system.
  • Anti-slip devices ensure that even sloping or curved roofs can be landscaped.
  • The roof still acts as a lightening conductor.
  • All components are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
  • Uniform planning – even if only sections of a roof are to be landscaped.
  • Kalzip can be easily converted into a NatureRoof, by taking into account the static requirements.
  • When the greenery has been removed, Kalzip makes an excellent, attractive roof covering.
  • The Kalzip aluminium profiles offer a high level of protection against mechanical damage of the roof during installation of the NatureRoof components.
  • Kalzip is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat. These properties are maintained if the corresponding installation requirements and local construction regulations are followed.

Kalzip profiled sheets are secured to the substructure of a roof construction by the use of extruded Kalzip aluminium (L) clips (with associated polyamide thermal barrier pads) or Kalzip E clips. The clip heads are designed to freely accommodate movement of the external sheet during thermal cycling, enabling the use of long sheet lengths.

Kalzip E clips are steel reinforced polyamide clips designed to further enhance the overall Kalzip system by improving its thermal, acoustic and movement performance. They offer a fixing mechanism with no significant thermal bridging whilst still retaining structural capability similar to the extruded aluminium (L) clip. The E clips also reduce the frictional forces generated during thermal cycling of the external sheet and are recommended for use on roof areas with sheet lengths exceeding 40 metres.


Kalzip load span details
Being a multi-component built up system, Kalzip can be precisely tailored to meet the needs of the individual project. External roof loads and internal wind loads have an impact on the Kalzip system chosen. The load span tables give the spanning capabilities and allowable loading of the most popular Kalzip profiles with aluminium (L) clips and with E clips.

For further information or load span conditions outside of these please contact the Kalzip Technical Department.

Kalzip thermal performance
The thermal bridging effect that clips have on the U-value of a Kalzip roof system is dependent upon the type of clip used (i.e. Kalzip aluminium L type or Kalzip reinforced polyamide E type) and the frequency of clips (clips/m2) penetrating the insulation layer. This frequency will, in turn, be dependent upon the specific project loading requirements, purlin centres and load capacity of the Kalzip system.

Highly efficient thermal performance can be achieved by means of constructive measures helping minimise whole life cycle costs and achieve U-values of 0.13 W/m2K and below.

Kalzip U-value tables cover a range of support centres (1m to 2.8m) and a range of mineral fibre insulants with differing thermal conductivities. The U-value tables have been derived from hot-box testing carried out to BS EN ISO 8990:1996 - Thermal Insulation - Determination of steady-state thermal transmission properties - Calibrated hot box. It should be noted that Approved Document L2 gives preference to testing over calculation methods when determining U-values.

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