Standing Seam Kalzip® XT

Kalzip® XT

Malleable, pliable, foldable and flexible, Kalzip® XT profiled sheets make it possible to transform computer-generated designs and structural principles into reality.

These evolutionary animations, visualized in 3D objects, enable new architectural shapes and forms to be created.

Revolutionary in its field this computer controlled patented roll forming technology allows three dimensional contouring to be combined with a standing seam system to achieve technical perfection in the creation of free flowing shapes.

The ability to achieve extremely tight radii guarantees unusual shapes of buildings, including: ellipses, cones, semi-spheres, prisms, pyramids, as well as classic geometrical shapes – both horizontal and vertical.


The unique formability of the Kalzip® profiled sheets, together with the revolutionary XT technology has enabled the fast, easy, flexible and cost efficient manufacturing of three dimensional profile shapes.

  • Patented revolutionary roll form technology for free profile shaping
  • Horizontal and vertical profiled sheets in convex and concave shapes
  • Extremely tight radii ensure the cladding of unusual building designs

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