Building Envelope FischerKLIPTEC 52 400

FischerKLIPTEC 52 400

Handcrafted standing seam roofs have a long tradition

They have mostly been used where very high demands have been placed on the roofs, e.g. in Alpine countries. Standing seam roofs have proved their reliability for decades, even under extremely harsh conditions. Prefabricated FischerKLIPTEC elements, protected as a registered design, are a further development of the handcrafted roofs. 

This Fischer Profil roofing system is made up of just one element. Accessories such as retaining angles or clips are not required. It is conveniently installed using a clip connection. 

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Sheet thickness t[mm]Weight g[kg/m2]Overall length max. L [m]
0,63 7,65 16
0,75 9,15 16


  • 200 µm HPS 200/RSL
  • 50 µm Prisma/RSL
  • 55% AlZn AZ 185 (aluzinc)
  • Stainless steel 0.80 mm 1.)
  • Aluminium 1.00 mm 1.)
  • Copper 1.00 mm 1.)

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