Standing seam profiles Clickfals®


Standing seam design that stands out, giving an exclusive look to roofs and frontages

ClickFals® revolutionises traditional band coverage, designed with a classically beautiful standing seam.

ClickFals® is available in two variants:

  • ClickFals® S, which is particularly suitable for frontages, bay windows and smaller roof surfaces.
  • ClickFals® C, which is for larger-scale roofing solutions.


Clickfals 25.393S

ClickFals® S are particularly suitable for facades, bay windows and smaller roof surfaces. It attaches by means of an integrated nail / screw edge which is hidden by the next panel that is clicked over it. ClickFals® S must be mounted on a solid surface, such as plywood.

Standard Width: 393mm

Length: Up to 3m

Material: FalZinc®

An easily and quickly clickable seam ensures a much more efficient workflow!

Clickfals® profiles are delivered “ready” and simply click together, with no need for specialised tools. They are attached to the substrate with no visible fastenings and available in lengths of up to 10m, depending on your choice of materials.

The profiles are delivered as a complete system including the necessary accessories, flashings, sealing strips and fasteners.


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