Building Envelope Trisobuild® roof systems

Trisobuild® roof systems

Trisobuild® built-up roof cladding systems can be customised to meet your design requirements including thermal performance, self-curve radii and acoustic performance.

All our Trisobuild® site assembled cladding systems comprise of a Colorcoat® pre-finished steel trapezoidal liner profile, an Instaloc® Plus spacer system, an insulation layer and a Colorcoat® pre-finished steel external weathering profile.

The Instaloc® Plus spacer system is only available from Tata Steel and provides a stronger design than a conventional spacer and so allows the designer the ability to specify deeper systems to comply with the demands of lower U-value requirements.

We will recommend the most appropriate system for your project to provide you with a building envelope solution that meets your requirements, performance criteria and is long lasting.

All our products are fully tested by third parties for criteria such as thermal performance, fire safety, acoustic performance, air-tightness, and resistance to water penetration. This together with our extensive and unbiased technical support sets us apart.

All Trisobuild® roof systems can be covered under our Platinum® Plus system guarantee. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

All Trisobuild® components are easily handled on site without specialist mechanical equipment, due to lightweight components. This can be important when working on sites with limited access.

Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval to LPS 1181 part 1 for fire performance, helps to lower insurance premiums.

All Trisobuild® roof systems when finished in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma® will achieve a BROOF(t4) in accordance with EN 1187 and satisfy Building Regulations in relation to fire.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available for all the Trisobuild® roof system solutions.  Request a bespoke product or system specific EN 15804 Type III EPD to help accrue points under building certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

Our Platinum® Plus system guarantee offers coverage for up to 30 years. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

We understand that complex buildings need tailored solutions, so our online specification tool has been designed by our technical team to help you create the right specification to suit the needs of your project, making sure all roofing and cladding components listed are compatible and perform as a system. It also stores all the specifications you create for ease of access in ‘my projects’.

Creating a Platinum® Plus specification give you free access to our technical team that will support you from design to completion – including those all-important final checks during installation.

Platinum® Plus incorporates only the highest quality components that are designed to do what they say but also provide you with unrivalled choice and flexibility in the specification of your building envelope. The many benefits and reassurance it provides is what sets it apart from all other guarantees, making it the number one choice for complete peace of mind to truly lower the cost of ownership throughout the life of the building.

The Platinum Plus system guarantee needs to be registered by the specifier prior to the tender package being distributed. To find out more click here, alternatively please contact our technical team so that we can help you to guarantee the longevity of your building on +44 (0) 1244 892199.

Trisobuild Brochure R RWL HR.jpgThe Trisobuild R system comprises of a standard LP1000 steel 0.4mm liner. The RWL system uses the 0.7mm steel RL32 as its liner, which is a robust walkable liner.

Both systems can be spaced according to the required U-value using Tata Steel's Instaloc Plus spacer system.

Trisobuild R system
Bracket height (mm) Insulation depth (mm) U-value (W/m2K)
140 140 0.30
160 160 0.26
180 180 0.24
200 220 0.21
220 220 0.19
240 240 0.18
260 260 0.16
280 280 0.15
300 300 0.14
Trisobuild RSWL system
Bracket height (mm) Insulation depth (mm) U-value (W/m2K)
140 140 0.32
160 160 0.28
180 180 0.25
200 220 0.22
220 220 0.20
240 240 0.18
260 260 0.17
280 280 0.16
300 300 0.15

Above U-values based on a LP1000 liner, secondary steelwork support at 1.8m centres, 1.2m bracket spacing and insulation with a 0.040W/mK thermal conductivity.

All Trisobuild® Roof systems can be covered under our Platinum® Plus guarantee. Simply fill in your project details using our easy-to-use online specification tool or contact us directly.

Trisobuild CR Systems HR.jpg

The Trisobuild® CR system is a tried and tested assembly with a through fixed trapezoidal outer sheet which can self-curve around a range of radii. The system is specified with an apex sheet long enough to ensure that the end lap of the profile or roof light is below the 4 degree pitch of the curve.

Designing the roof and using Trisobuild® CR within this radius range allows the specifier to optimise cost and provide an attractive low profile roof, with the confidence that all detailing has been third-party assessed.

Table below assumes radius of roof is after designed deflection.

Radius (m) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
Apex sheet
length required
for end lap at
5.59 6.28 6.98 7.68 8.38 9.08 9.77 10.47 11.17 11.87 12.57 13.27 13.96 14.66 15.36

Further details can be found in the Trisobuild® brochure below or contact our Technical Team

Acoustic performance is an increasingly important functional requirement for good building design. Whether it is reducing noise levels within a factory environment or eliminating nuisance from sound in residential areas, acoustic control is a significant aspect of steel cladding design.

Trisobuild® sound reduction systems

This type of system relies on the mass of the materials and damping control.  We have a large library of test data and can predict noise reduction performance of systems to the needs of your project.  Please contact our Technical Team for further advice.

Trisobuild SA systems

Trisobuild® SA1 and SA2 systems are tested assemblies that provide excellent sound absorption. Both systems use the RL32 as their liner profile with the SA1 being trough perforated and the SA2 being fully perforated. The troughs of the liner can either be left unfilled or stone wool trough fillers can be used to enhance the performance. 

To enable simple comparison between products acoustic materials are classed on a scale from A to E, with A-rated products having the highest rated sound absorption performance.  Our Trisobuild systems offer a performance range between C and A and can be specified for the needs of your building. Please contact our Technical Team for further advice.

BIM: The way you want it

The DNA Profiler has been designed to allow you to access Tata Steel’s product information (3d parametric objects & data) how you want, when you want, to the level of detail you want, in the format you want.

Product Name Link
Trisobuild R13.5/3 sinusoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R32 trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R32 trapezoidal 0.90mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R35 trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R40 trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R46 trapezoidal 0.675mm steel BIM DNA Profiler
Trisobuild R46 trapezoidal 0.90mm aluminium BIM DNA Profiler

In addition to our DNA Profiler, you can access our BIM content at

Product Name Link
Trisobuild roof systems BIM Object
Trisobuild roof systems with walkable liner BIM Object
Trisobuild sound absorbtion roof systems BIM Object

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