Pre-finished steel Colorfarm® 15

Colorfarm® 15

Guaranteed to give 15 years functional performance

Colorfarm® 15 has been designed specifically to meet the demands of agricultural buildings including a high resistance to ammonia and fertilizers.

It suits any farming purpose, including livestock housing and crop storage and has been tested in contact with a number of chemicals commonly found in agricultural environments. During the tests Colorfarm® 15 was exposed to vapour, liquid, or paste, depending on the chemical being tested.

  • 35μm coating, double or single sided, for good chemical resistance.
  • Supplied with a galvanised substrate produced to EN 10346:2015.
  • Available in 8 colours, specifically developed to harmonise with the rural environment.
  • 15 year internal functional performance guarantee.
  • Certified to EN 10169:2010 CPI5 resistance to humidity.

Double sided Colorfarm® 15 should be used for single skin buildings with humid internal conditions.Single sided can be used for the internal liner sheets of insulated buildings, using built-up or composite (sandwich) panel systems.

The backing coat should be installed facing the insulation. Here the exposed side of the internal cladding is protected by the high build Colorfarm® 15 paint system, whilst the unexposed side is supplied with our high performance backing coat.

Colorfarm® 15 is guaranteed to give 15 years internal functional performance, providing buildings are well designed and ventilated, and is available single or double sided

Colorfarm® 15 is available in a choice of 8 colours, all chosen to blend in with the external landscape and simulate those of traditional building materials or create a bright interior, when using double sided Colorfarm®.

BS or Ral reference numbers shown represent the nearest colours and are not exact matches. To gain a true colour representation, a Colorfarm® hand sample must be used.

Note: For double sided option Chalk White is obligatory for the reverse side.

1. Chalk White RAL:9002 | 2. Goosewing Grey BS:10A05 | 3. Reseda Green RAL:6011 | 4. Juniper Green BS:12B29
5. Light Ivory RAL:1015 | 6. Slate Grey RAL:220 30 05 | 7. Slate Blue RAL:5008 | 8. Milestone Brown BS:08B29

Recent testing has been undertaken which confirms Colorfarm® 15 achieves CPI5, the best internal classification according to EN 10169:2010. Long term corrosion testing for Colorfarm® 15 exceeds standards and shows excellent barrier properties of Colorfarm® compared to PVDF and typical polyester.

Exposure of Colorfarm to common chemicals

Test reagentPerformance
  Excellent resistance Good resistance Limited resistance
Fertilizer 10% Phosphate *    
Fertilizer Amn. Phosphate *    
Fertilizer NPK 25:5:5 *    
Fertilizer NPK 5:24:15 *    
Antiseptic drench *    
Wood preservative *    
Weed killer *    
Hydrochloric Acid (10%)     *
Sulphuric Acid (10%)     *
Phosphoric Acid (10%)     *
Acetic Acid (10%)     *
Butyric Acid (10%)     *
Lactic Acid (10%)   *  
Sodium Hydroxide pellets     *
Ammonia (High concentration 75%)   *  
Sodium Hypochlorite   *  
Ammonium Nitrate     *
Ammonium Phosphate *    
Sodium Carbonate *    
Sodium Chlorate *    
Sodium Nitrate *    
Formalin (40%) *    
Urea *    
Water *    
Carbon Dioxide *    

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