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Colorcoat Absorb®

The solution to your condensation problems

Absorb® is a condensation regulating product applied on pre-finished steel coils delivered ready for profiling.

A non-woven fleece is applied hot to the reinforced reverse side in a continuous manufacturing process.

Quality: The continuous manufacturing process ensures regular and homogeneous application of the non-woven film.

Robustness: The complete system with a 7, 12 or 25 μm reinforced reverse side coating and adhesive offers excellent corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion of the non-woven film.

In service performance: High absorption capacities combined with reduced drying time makes this product ideal for most industrial, storage or agricultural buildings.

Ease of application on site: Thanks to its excellent anti-capillarity properties, there is no need to use costly installation equipment to avoid ingress of water, simply follow the installation instructions!

Service: Colorcoat Absorb® is available with MyriaPlus® Express 12 and Express 19 services which facilitate the management of the end user’s needs (available on standard dimensions).

  • Non-woven polyester fleece is heat applied on the reverse side in a continuous process.
  • 7, 12 or 25 μm backing coat.
  • Applied to products with a galvanized substrate with Zinc metallic coating offering good corrosion resistance.
  • Delivered ready for profiling.
  • Available on products with a large number of paint systems on the top side.

Absorb® is carefully manufactured in a controlled continuous process to ensure a regular application of the non-woven maximising the productivity of the profiling line. The complete system with the 7, 12 or 25 μm reinforced reverse side coating offers an excellent corrosion resistance.

The fleece is heat applied offering strong adhesion of the non-woven fleece. The high absorption level enables an efficient use in the most of the industrial and agricultural buildings. The 100% polyester non-wovenfleece makes Absorb® naturally protected against the development of fungi without anti-fungi treatment. Current professional regulations for profiling, storage and installation must be adhered to.

 Properties  Test standard
Nominal back
coat thickness
μm 7, 12 or 25 EN 13523-1
Nominal glue
μm 15 - 25 EN 13523-1
film weight
g/m² 110 EN 29073-1
film composition
% 100% synthetic fibres PE  
Colours available   Dark grey Light grey (on request)  
Non-woven film
thickness on strip
μm 400-500  
Water absorption
g/m2 > 550/m²CSTB report: N,
CPM 09/250- 19858 A2
NF P 15-203-1
appendix C
Drying time hours > 4h CSTB report: N,
CPM 09/250- 19858 A2<>
NF P 15-203-1
appendix C
Resistance to
  Inert material No visible growth
CSTB report: N. ESE Sante 2010 - 022
NF V 18.122
Fire classification   B – s1, do CSTB
report: N. RA10 - 0090
NF EN 13501-1
Humidity hours 7 μm: 1000 h (CP13)
12 μm: 1000 h(CP13)
25 μm: 1500 h (CP14)
EN 13523-25
Corrosion resistance:
Neutral salt spray
hours 360 EN 13523-8

A fit for purpose guarantee is available. The actual duration of the guarantee will depend on the environment, geographical location and application.

Condensation is a common problem in roofing, leading to the formation of water droplets that run and drip, not only causing annoyance to the occupants but causing all sorts of damage to equipment and stored materials.

Where thermal insulation is not a cost effective solution, lining the roof of the building with Colorcoat Absorb® is a good alternative. When the roof panel is cooled down by the outdoor air, the non-woven film bonded to the reverse side absorbs the condensed water. The absorbed water is then eliminated by a process of evaporation during the day owing to the rise in the roof temperature combined with an efficient ventilation system.

Colorcoat Absorb® should only be used on cold roofs:

  • In non-insulated buildings
  • In buildings where the insulation is fastened under the purlins

Absorb® can also be used in the following types of building:

  • Industrial premises (storage buildings and production shops)
  • Agricultural buildings (barns for storage and livestock)
  • Collective buildings (sports halls, school buildings)

Colorcoat Absorb® should not be used in roofs with a slope of less than 7%.

It is essential in all cases that the indoor atmosphere has a hygrometry inferior or equal to the absorption capacity of Colorcoat Absorb® in order for the fleece to dry out.

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