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Sustainable, innovative products and services from metal roof and wall systems to sandwich panels, profiled cladding, purlins and flashings.

SAB-profiel is the Netherlands' largest supplier of sandwich panels, profiled cladding, purlins and flashings. All products are tailor-made for your construction project, wherever it is in Europe or the rest of the world.

Through years of experience providing the best metal roof and wall systems and other solutions in steel, SAB can guarantee quality.

Reliability comes with experience

SAB-profiel began operating in the market for roof and wall solutions in 1973. At the time we were the first Dutch producer of steel profiled cladding. Since then we have grown to become a leading supplier of roof and wall systems. We are now part of Tata Steel and operate throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

SAB-profiel today: extensive product range

SAB’s extensive range of sandwich panels, profiled cladding, purlins and flashings means you have ready-made solutions at your disposal for the construction of modern, high-quality industrial buildings, offices and homes. No two buildings are alike, unless that’s precisely the intention.

The choice of various kinds of materials and many different coatings and colours mean that the combinations are endless, enabling you to give each building a unique appearance.

SAB-profiel recognises the importance of good service

We do not only employ our know-how to develop new products and improve existing ones, but also to provide support for existing applications.

Our Product Services department is always ready to help you with clear advice and calculations on which you can build, and we would also be pleased to work with you in other areas. If it concerns well thought-out logistics, for example, we would be glad to offer you delivery on-site.

For SAB-profile the ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certifications are no end point, but an affirmation of our continued commitment to quality. We are also active in industry associations, such as the Association of suppliers metal roof and facade systems (MDGs), building with steel (BmS) and European Association for Panels and Profiles (PPA-Europe/EPAQ).

There are also quality guidelines from the European Association for Panels and Profiles (PPA-Europe/EPAQ), the standard for all of Europe which SAB panels and profiles meet (see the downloads ISO, CE marking, MRPI EPAQ & for the various certificates). Most recent versions (only available in English and German) are from October 2014.

Intensive cooperation with Tata Steel naturally gives us access to extensive research and development facilities, and we work closely with our other suppliers to continuously improve products.

From the SAB-profiel resources on the right, you can download the General Terms and Conditions, as they are filed at the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht.

Here is a link to the quality guideline profiles and panels from the EPAQ.

All products from SAB-profiel are durable, long lasting and 100% recyclable.

Energy efficient

For PIR sandwich panels the insulation is directly applied between the steel sheets without cold bridging, but also in the use of roof and façade profiles (and liner trays for walls) in combination with insulating materials such as glass wool or rock wool, the total heat insulation is very high. It is simple to achieve a u-value of 0,27 W/m²K.

Depending on the requirements of the building owner you  can choose different insulation thicknesses e.g. 150 mm thick SAB sandwich panels gives a u-value of 0,14 W/m² K.


When you choose SAB products with Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® it is possible to apply a Confidex® Guarantee of 30 or even 40 years respectively. You are then free for the entire warranty of annual inspection and maintenance obligations, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

Little waste and maximum recycling

On site, all SAB products are assembled with screws and are completely removable, allowing buildings to adapt to different functions and increasing their lifetimes. Sandwich panels and corrugated steel sheet are low weight making them ideal for light construction and foundation. Steel products are recycled after demolition: the steel can be used again as raw material instead of being discarded. Steel can be recycled over and over again because there's no decline in properties or performance.

Environmental Management System - ISO 14001
SAB is also responding to growing demands from the market for environmentally conscious manufacturing and construction. In the construction sector this is reflected in various environmental certifications, labels and rating systems for buildings such as BREEAM.

The SAB-profiel Environmental policy is aimed at recognizing and managing environmental issues, reducing the emissions associated with production of roof and facade profile sheets and sandwich panels wherever possible. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is a minimum starting point.

To secure the environmental awareness permanently SAB has an Environmental Management System designed to the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 standard.

On this page you can find an overview of the SAB employees, whom you have contact with via telephone, email or face-to-face. In some cases we direct you to the LinkedIn pages (if they are present) of our employees. To contact another person or department call our central telephonenumber  31 30 6879 700.

Sales Export

Erik Reuver - Sales
erik.reuver@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 733

Nancy Mulder - Sales
nancy.mulder@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 734 (Mo - Tu - We - Th)

Petra de Brake - Sales
petra.de.brake@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 735 (Tu mo - Th - Fr)

Planning Export

Patrick Groenendijk
patrick.groenendijk@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 747

Sales Purlins

Oscar Kuijpers - Sales Manager
oscar.kuijpers@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 770

Sales Flashings 

Ron Borremans - Sales flashings 
sab.zetterij@tatasteel.com - 31 6 52 03 42 90

Product Services 

Jack Hage - Structural engineer - Product Service technical questions/calculations
jack.hage@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 797

Annemarie den Butter - Product Service technical questions/calculations
annemarie.den.butter@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 794 (Mo - Tu - Th mo)

André de Jongh - Manager Business Development
andre.de.jongh@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 796

Marketing & Communication

Clara Dorrepaal - Communication Manager
clara.dorepaal@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 795

Usen Koppes - Marketing
usen.koppes@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 700 

Loading Planning IJsselstein

Kees van den Berg
sab.lp@tatasteel.com - 31 30 68 79 621

Loading Planning Nieuwegein

Jaap-Jan Leeuwenburgh - 31 30 68 79 675
Department can be contacted at sandwich.sab-profiel@tatasteel.com

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