Installation of Kalzip roof and façade systems is only carried out by Teamkal, Kalzip’s highly skilled national network of trained and approved contractors.

Teamkal network

Installation by a Teamkal contractor is as integral to every Kalzip system as the materials that go into it. Since the partnership was established in 1995 it has grown into the most highly regarded network in the industry, responsible for some of the worlds most famous and award-winning projects.

As a vital part of Kalzip’s cohesive supply chain, selection criteria is strict and all installers are assessed on business, financial and technical standards.

Attendance at Kalzip’s CITB approved training courses is required for Teamkal members to ensure up to date knowledge of the company’s product portfolio, unique applications and design benefits. Each qualifying trainee receives a certificate fully detailing the levels of competence achieved.

Rigorous inspection is also carried out by our team of dedicated site inspectors to ensure superlative workmanship and compliant installation.

“What does come across very clearly is that Teamkal understands the products, recognises the regulations and delivers the highest standards of workmanship. There are massive benefits to the way that Kalzip Ltd and Teamkal go about their business and we applaud that.”
Andy Howarth, Head of Procurement for AMEC

"Ultimately, the relationship between the supplier and the installer is key to the success of any project. It’s often irrespective of how good a product is. Without the right installers, it will fail.”
Colin Calderhead, Associate Director of REID Architecture

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