KalzipFoldable aluminium

The double-sided fusion of well proven metals with the range of Kalzip foldable aluminium gives Falzinc, Dark Falzinc and TitanSilver their uniquely modern characteristics.

Surface finishes

Containing all the inherent benefits of aluminium as a material, they are especially sturdy and hardwearing with good resistance to corrosion.

To order an information pack including a sample folder containing swatches of all three finishes from the Kalzip Foldables range, please make an enquiry.


The foldable aluminium with a traditional zinc surface uses the symbiosis of two established metals: aluminium and zinc.

The Kalzip patented PEGAL process encases the aluminium core with a weathered zinc surface, resulting in a quality product which is unobtrusive, and has all the advantages of aluminium coupled with the characteristics of weathered zinc.

The surface appearance of Falzinc will change with time from a blue grey finish to one slightly darker than that of weathered aluminium.

Falzinc has excellent corrosion resistance. BBA certificate 08/4571 stands testament to the products quality. This excellent resistance to outdoor exposure and the combination of the bonding between the aluminium and zinc produce considerable surface stabilisation.

Dark Falzinc

Construction has seen a recent trend develop for the demand of traditional materials. Kalzip has recognised this and developed a substantially darker foldable aluminium finish.

Dark Falzinc inherits all the product qualities with regard to weathering behaviour and corrosion resistance of the original Falzinc but in addition provides an elegant slate colour and all the aesthetics and timeless beauty of traditional roof coverings.

The slate grey appearance of Dark Falzinc provides not only an elegant contrast to modern roofs and wall areas but also offers a highly economical and cost effective solution to traditional roof coverings.

Dark Falzinc provides an ideal solution for renovation works and matching in environmentally sensitive rural locations or conservation areas.


TitanSilver offers a different colour and appearance to that of traditional zinc and may be considered as an alternative to painted material in RAL 9006 or even stainless steel.

Providing a unique pre-weathered matt-silver surface, this application can effectively reduce light reflection and the degree of shine by up to 20% depending upon the angle of light.

The surface treatment of TitanSilver is finger mark resistant, easier to roll form and fold due to the anodising process and smoothness of the surface applied to the 3005 alloy with a temper of H111.

The oxidising process is very slow, slower than that of zinc. The weather resistant surface will not wash off or pollute the rainwater if it is being used as part of a grey water recovery solution.

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