KalzipClips and thermal barrier pads

Clips and thermal barrier pads

Kalzip profiled sheets are secured to the substructure of a roof construction by the use of extruded Kalzip aluminium (L) clips (with associated polyamide thermal barrier pads) or Kalzip E clips. The clip heads are designed to freely accommodate movement of the external sheet during thermal cycling, enabling the use of long sheet lengths.

Kalzip E clips are steel reinforced polyamide clips designed to further enhance the overall Kalzip system by improving its thermal, acoustic and movement performance. They offer a fixing mechanism with no significant thermal bridging whilst still retaining structural capability similar to the extruded aluminium (L) clip. The E clips also reduce the frictional forces generated during thermal cycling of the external sheet and are recommended for use on roof areas with sheet lengths exceeding 40 metres.

Click on the following links for Kalzip aluminium and E clip dimensions and base details and for the setting-out tolerances of Kalzip clips please go to the design guidelines section.

If you require further information please download or request the Kalzip systems brochure or alternatively contact us.

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