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A leading manufacturer of roof and wall elements for industrial buildings. The first company in this industry to receive the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

Fischer Profil GmbH in Netphen-Deuz is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of roof and wall elements for industrial buildings.

Trapezoidal steel profiles, liner trays and sandwich elements with a core of PUR rigid foam are among the major product ranges. Our excellent products demonstrate our continuous development and the high quality standard we keep.

We were the first company in this industry to receive the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. Our high-grade elements are sold through regional sales offices in Germany and a central export department.

For decades, our customers have been experiencing our reliability and competence. The focus and quality of our work is determined by their requirements and wishes.

Everything you need under one roof
Our broad product range and our services’ portfolio help us provide individually tailored solutions to our clients. We offer a full range of products for industrial and commercial buildings. Our large product range meets the highest quality requirements and is adapted to suit your needs, therefore providing the basis for the efficient design of contemporary buildings with appealing architecture.

Fischer Profil GmbH, Netphen-Deuz is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of roof and wall panels for industrial buildings. Trapezoidal steel profiles, liner trays and sandwich elements composed of surface finished steel cover sheets and a PUR rigid foam core count among the major product lines. To complete our range, we supply Flashings, e.g., ridge and corner profiles, barge board profiles, etc.

The brothers Josef and Karl Fischer put the foundations of a sheet metal processing company in 1938. This was just the first step to creating a company which today is renowned on an international level. Fischer Profil, part of the Tata Steel Group, is one of the Market Leaders in building facades and has worked for many years on the development of customer-orientated, energy saving system solutions.

We can help you find the right profile
Our large stock of raw materials and finished goods enables us to offer quick production times and achieve punctual delivery on site. Our fully automatic and IT controlled production plants ensure the consistent high quality of our roof and wall elements.

You can also count on the expertise of our fully committed and highly qualified staff, e.g. the experts in our engineering office. They will help you find a solution specifically tailored to your individual building needs. Our well-equipped production plants and qualified experts are what make us a thoroughly proficient and dependable partner. Our aim is to ensure punctual delivery and maximum production transparency.

Coatings and colours
You can choose from a range of coating systems. Most of these are made up of a metallic layer and an organic coating. The large range of colours gives room to create attractive architecture that matches exacting demands.

Flashings and accessories
Fischer Profil provides all you need for installation, all from one source: from fasteners to matching Flashings. Fischer Flashings are available in a range of thicknesses, coatings and colours from the same material as all other Fischer products. With Fischer, everything fits.

Besides the components manufactured by ourselves, we supply matching accessories, e.g., profile fillers, fasteners, translucent panels, curbs and even tools according to your requirements.

Upon request, we prepare for all our components laying and installation plans including BOMs. Also, we prepare structural analyses for our components. For technically demanding projects, our Engineering office staff will be pleased to provide advice.

Depending on your requirements, our regional offices in Germany as well as our export office provide advice on the phone or on site.

With Fischer Profil, you get everything you need from one single source.

Success needs strong partners
This is why we need you – and you need us. For good reason, Fischer Profil is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of roof and wall elements for industrial buildings. Our customers appreciate our dependability and competence and our qualified staff. This is the basis of successful relationships that have stood the test hundreds of times over, through many decades.

Always good advice
A competent sales team - the long-standing experience, the great technical skills as well as the constant training of our sales team ensure that you always get good advice.

Good. Better. Fischer Profil
High product quality - our philosophy of zero-defect as well as a constant development of our quality standards, e.g. in corrosion protection, manifest in top products such as FischerTHERM.

Shaping the future
A culture of innovation - research and development drive our success. With innovative concepts such as Fischer-THERM, FischerKLIPTEC or the flat panel, we set new standards in product development.

Added value
Service orientation - a technical back office, well thought-out logistics systems, constant customer support – altogether, our services make us an expert and dependable partner.

For man and environment
Production with a view to health and environment - health and safety of our staff as well as responsibility for natural resources are part of our company policy.

The direction matters
Customer orientation in the work process - our customers' requirements and wishes determine the direction and quality of our work. Our objective: Maximum delivery reliability and transparent production.

One for all and all for one
Teamwork is a part of our philosophy - an open organisational structure and flat hierarchies are the basis for committed staff who are able to work in teams. This creates the prerequisites for customer orientation – for your benefit.

Always the right address
All from one single source - our large product and service range are the basis for holistic solutions which offer a high degree of flexibility and tailored concepts.

Worldwide - always in our proximity
Flexibility in a group - we are right there where you need us. As a member of the Tata Steel-group, we have fast access to products and services of our sister companies all over the world.

You may rely on us
Dependable relationships - long-standing customer relationships are a proof of dependability and customer orientation. To us, your trust is rewarding and an incentive for future activities.

Always here for you

Your contacts across Germany

Personal contacts and short lines of communication matter. Therefore we are always in your proximity. If you have any questions or wishes, our sales office staff will be pleased to give advice. We provide information on the phone or arrange for a meeting on site. If you have specific technical questions, please contact our technical service department. We are always available to help you!

Region East
Pankstraße 8-10, Haus A.01.023
D - 13127 Berlin-Pankow
Telefon: (0 30) 47 30 30 33 / (01 71) 3 86 99 93
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 - 578
Ansprechp.: Herr Truckenbrodt

Region North-East
Alte Pyer Schule 5
D - 49090 Osnabrück
Telefon: (0 54 1) 40 66 92 66 / (0 1 70) 27 26 414
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 573
Ansprechp.: Frau Barbara Schuchmann

Region North-West
Kantstraße 24
D - 49593 Bersenbrück
Telefon: (0 54 39) 80 96 71 / (01 71) 7 65 59 64
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 574
Ansprechp.: Herr Buschermöhle

Region Middle-West
Waldstraße 67
D - 57250 Netphen-Deuz
Telefon: (0 27 37) 50 81 53 / (01 51) 174 40 765
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 577
Ansprechp.: Herr Hermanns

Region Middle-East
Auf der Liede 11
D - 36137 Kleinlüder
Telefon: (0 66 50) 9181-0 / (01 71) 4 15 79 72
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 - 584
Ansprechp.: Herr Jordan

Region South-East
Rote-Kreuz Str. 14
D - 93133 Burglengenfeld
Telefon: (0 94 71) 6 02 37 37/ (01 70) 1 84 06 10
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 - 572
Ansprechp.: Herr Gau

Region South-West
Oberstraße 14a
D - 54317 Osburg / Trier
Telefon: (0 65 00) 9 10-59 9 / (01 70) 5 62 30 84
Telefax: (0 27 37) 5 08 49 - 582
Ansprechp.: Frau Schuh

Sale Siegen
Waldstraße 67
D - 57250 Netphen-Deuz
Telefon: (0 27 37) 508 - 307
Telefax: (0 27 37) 508 49 - 575

Sales Office
Waldstraße 67
D - 57250 Netphen-Deuz
Telefon: +49 (0) 27 37 - 5 08-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 27 37 - 5 08-115

Export Siegen
Waldstraße 67
D - 57250 Netphen-Deuz
T: +49 2737/ 508-319
M: +49 160 987 484 96
E- Mail: salvatore.urso@fischerprofil.de
Herr Salvatore Urso

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