New RoofDek manual
now available!

Hot off the press!

Tata Steel brings you the most comprehensive structural roof decking manual yet!

Containing a wealth of information to aid your RoofDek design, it is packed full of valuable design and technical information and available to download now.

Everything you need

Martin Shackell, UK Sales Manager - Structural Products at Tata Steel told us: "We are delighted to bring you our most up-to-date RoofDek manual. A useful aid for engineers, the manual provides a wealth of in-depth design and technical content including full structural load span tables, 3D construction design details; and of course details on the latest addition to our existing range - our new D137mm deep deck profile which provides excellent structural and load bearing performance and offers spans from 4.5 to 7.0 metres."

RoofDek Inspiration...

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