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Platinum® Plus - A guarantee of enduring performance

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With coverage for up to 30 years, what makes our Platinum® Plus system guarantee uniquely different is our technical support through the journey of the project, from specification to completion, including an all-important final check during installation to ensure that those all important components are in accordance with specification.

Key features of Platinum® Plus system guarantee

  • 30 year, transferable guarantee provided direct to building owner
  • Support from specification to on-site check
  • Fully traceable and integrated Tata Steel supply chain
  • Tested and certified by independent bodies
  • 50 years of experience and extensive testing of steel products
  • One point of contact for help with system issues
  • Underpinned by Confidex®
  • Broad choice of components available directly from leading suppliers

Platinum® Plus incorporates the highest quality components and offers an unrivalled choice and flexibility in the specification of your building envelope. Rigorous testing and evaluation, coupled with the guaranteed integrity of the end solution affords us the confidence to eliminate the requirement for annual inspections or additional maintenance, reducing cost of ownership.

Platinum® Plus sets a new benchmark for guarantees. And because the guarantee is both direct with Tata Steel and transferable with ownership of the building, the process offers complete peace of mind.

Underpinned by Confidex®

The Platinum® Plus system guarantee is underpinned by our Confidex® Guarantee. It offers the most comprehensive warranty for pre-finished steel products in Europe and provides peace of mind for up to 40 years. Confidex® covers cut edges and does not require any inspections or maintenance for the entirety of the guarantee lifetime, except when Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is used on a roof that has a Photovoltaic (PV) installation.

The Confidex® Guarantee, like Platinum® Plus, is transferable upon sale of the building to the new owner.

Registration Process:

The specifier: The Platinum® Plus guarantee needs to be registered prior to the tender package being distributed. A specification request is raised with Tata Steel, who works with the specifier for approval.

The cladding contractor: The contractor needs to notify Tata Steel on receipt of a Platinum® Plus order with the Platinum® Plus order number.

The Platinum® Plus system guarantee application process: Performance is guaranteed and costs of ownership are reduced for the life of the building. The Platinum® Plus guarantee is transferred upon sale to the new owner.

Plat Plus Registration Process Infographic

To begin the specification process call Tata Steel on +44 (0)1244 892199

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