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Advantica® pre-finished steel products from Tata Steel can be used in a range of applications within the diverse manufactured goods sector, offering superior solutions and working with you to best meet your needs.

Advantica® pre-finished steel. Setting the benchmark for quality and innovation.
Advantica® from Tata Steel is a range of pre-finished steel products specifically formulated for the manufactured goods sector. The result of almost 40 years’ experience, the Advantica® product range can provide superior solutions to best meet individual or bespoke requirements.

The Advantica® range of pre-finished steel includes a choice of proven products for a variety of applications. Please see the applications tab.

Advantica® is a benchmark for quality and innovation and can meet the most stringent requirements for applications in a variety of controlled environments including food processing areas, clean rooms, cold storage areas and medical environments.
Advantica® provides the highest quality of pre-finished steel and is well-proven in a wide variety of applications, with exceptional levels of performance and unique benefits.

Advantica® for controlled environments

  • Advantica® L Control
  • Advantica® CL Clean
  • Advantica® GM

Advantica® for doors and windows

  • Advantica® L Décor
  • Advantica® K (Doors)
  • Advantica® SDP 35 Matt T (Doors)
  • Advantica® SDP 35 T (Doors)
  • Advantica® T (Doors)
  • Advantica® F Flex (Doors)
  • Advantica® PR(Doors)
  • Advantica® GM (Doors)

Advantica® for HEVAC

  • Advantica® F Heat (H)
  • Advantica® K (H)
  • Advantica® T (H)
  • Advantica® SDP 35 Matt T (H)
  • Advantica® L Décor External (H)
  • Advantica® L Décor Internal (H)
  • Advantica® GM

Advantica® for lighting

  • Advantica® GH (L)
  • Advantica® F Reflect (L)
  • Advantica® F Flex (L)
  • Advantica® GM (L)
  • Advantica® F Heat (L)

Advantica® for office furniture

  • Advantica® F Flex (OF)
  • Advantica® L Décor Internal (OF)
  • Advantica® K (OF)
  • Advantica® T (OF)
  • Advantica® GM (OF)

Advantica® for ceilings

  • Advantica® GL (C)

Advantica® for Teletronics

  • Advantica® T (Teletroncis)

The key to high-quality products is selecting the right base materials. We can tailor our products for the end application requirements as well as offering technical and design services.

We apply our expertise to carefully assess the specific properties required for your end application and recommend the right product needed to achieve the best result.

Advantica® products are tested and certified
Our products have been subjected to stringent testing to prove their technical characteristics and performance. All Advantica® pre-finished steel products also comply with REACH regulations on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals and are chrome free.

Fire performance of Advantica products has been tested against EN 13501-1+A1 and performance data is available upon request.

Copies of Certificates of Compliance are also available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Guaranteed Performance

Advantica® L Control and Advantica® CL Clean are now available with a market-leading guarantee - demonstrating performance and providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

We offer a comprehensive guarantee with Advantica® L Control up to a duration of 15 years and Advantica® CL Clean up to a duration of 10 years.

These guarantees are offered on a project by project basis and the duration of the guarantee offered will be based on our vast experience of the performance of these products, in ‘real life’ situations.

Please refer to our Advantica® pre-finished steel for controlled environments brochure or alternatively contact us directly for further details on these guarantees.

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