ColorcoatColorcoat® Technical Papers

Tata Steel has a long history of providing guidance to assist in the use of pre-finished steel wall and roof cladding system using Colorcoat® Products.
This section contains Technical papers produced in conjunction with the SCI, our supply chain partners and Oxford Brookes University.

Technical Papers

In the case of single storey buildings such as warehouses, industrial premises and retail outlets, pre-finished steel cladding systems provide a cost effective means of refurbishing the building envelope. Thereby improving the energy performance of the building as a whole, enhancing its appearance and extending its life.



Together with the SCI, Tata Steel have evaluatedindividual profiles from four cladding systemsuppliers and their associated componentsfor use within built-up cladding systems toconfirm their strength and stability to meetthe structural requirements of the buildingregulations in the UK.

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