ColorcoatConfidex Sustain®

Supporting Confidex Sustain® - EPD's

Tata Steel has an ongoing commitment to reduce CO2 emissions association with pre-finished steel manufacture. This is reflected in the Environmental Product Declarations that we publish and review periodically.

The EPD’s provide a summary of the environmental performance of each Colorcoat® assessed system using Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma® during each stage of its life.

With an in-depth knowledge of the environmental impacts of Colorcoat® products and various assessed systems, Tata Steel understand and can support in the optimum design for sustainable building envelope solutions.  Bespoke project EPDs are also available from these Supply Chain Partners in addition to the ones below. Request your bespoke project EPD.

CA Group EPD's

Tata Steel's Building Systems EPD's

Euroclad EPD's

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