ColorcoatConfidex Sustain®

Our partners

Over 40 years, Tata Steel has developed close strategic relationships with a small number of market leading roof and wall cladding systems manufacturers.

Specifying Colorcoat® products through one of these strategic partners ensures access to the very best technical guidance, quick availability and the highest levels of quality and service. Together we provide a quality building envelope solution that delivers peace of mind.

Colorcoat® assessed cladding systems

Through the Colorcoat® brand, Tata Steel has assessed a range of cladding systems, manufactured in the UK and Ireland.

Each of these Colorcoat® assessed systems is designed to perform to the highest standards of thermal performance, airtightness and structural performance and can be recycled at the end of their life, ensuring the client receives the most sustainable cladding system.

Confidex Sustain® is available with each of these cladding systems when they use Colorcoat HPS200® Ultra or Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel for the external sheet and Colorcoat® PE 15 liner for the internal sheet.

Manufacturers whose systems are included in the Confidex Sustain® offer are:

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