ColorcoatConfidex® Guarantee

Questions to ask your guarantee provider

Does rectification cover all material and labour costs and is this applicable for the full term of the guarantee?
Some guarantees limit the value of any repair to a proportion of the original invoice value of the pre-finished steel product (not the system). In some cases, this value diminises over time.
Confidex® offers full remedial action in the unlikely event of coating failure.

Is the performance location dependent?
There can be a distinction between inland and coastal locations, and some suppliers may use further distinctions, including industrial or marine locations, reducing the performance figure. Also, the coastal definition may apply to a broader area up to 3km.
Confidex® defines coastal as buildings within 1km of the sea.

What roof pitch is covered?
Higher roof pitches drain more easily and notall guarantees cover pitches below 6°.
Confidex® covers roof pitches down to 1°.

Is the guarantee valid and without mandatory recorded maintenance?
Some guarantees have very rigid invalidatory clauses regarding proof of annual maintenance.
Confidex® does not specify mandatory annual maintenance inspections.

Are cut-edges covered?
Deterioration in any pre-finished steel product will normally start at the edge. Some guarantees offer only 10 years of cover for the edge, while others exclude it altogether.
Confidex® covers cut edges throughout the full term of the guarantee.

Is the guarantee transferable?
The ownership of a building can change. There are still some guarantees that cannot be transferred to the new owner.
Confidex® is fully transferable by completing a simple form.

Does the orientation of the elevations affect the duration of the guarantee period?
Some guarantees have a reduced headline figure, based upon the building orientation e.g. north and south elevations.
Confidex® is not orientation dependent.

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