ColorcoatConfidex® Guarantee

Confidex® for Colorcoat Prisma®

Confidex® is the product performance guarantee for Colorcoat Prisma®, when used in an external conventional building envelope application namely roof and wall cladding using single skin, built-up or composite panel construction in industrial and commercial buildings.

Confidex® offers the longest and most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel available in Europe with Colorcoat Prisma® being guaranteed for up to 40 years.

The Confidex® Guarantee is project specific and upon registration provides a contractual relationship between Tata Steel and the building owner meaning that in the case of a claim the contact with Tata Steel is direct rather than having to go through the supply chain, saving time and money.

Due to the superior aesthetic properties of Colorcoat Prisma® a colour guarantee is uniquely included as part of the Confidex® Guarantee for up to 20 years (see terms and conditions). This includes all 29 standard colours in the range, subject to location and use.

The Confidex® Guarantee is transferable, so should the building owner change it is simply a case of filling in the form on the back of the guarantee certificate and posting back to Tata Steel.

1. Figures under the Coastal heading are for buildings within 1km of any coast.
2. Full terms and conditions of the Confidex® Guarantee are on the online registration form.
3. Confidex® must be registered within 3 months of the building completion date for the guarantee to be valid.
4. The Confidex® Guarantee periods on the diagram above are applicable to Zone 1 and Zone 2.


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